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I am blessed with many friends, offline and online. Here are a few of them. If you are my friend and haven't sent me a picture, please do so!

This is my lady friend, Cindy. She has become very special and close to me.

I have just bought my first home. I am glad the headaches of looking for just the right place are over! More about that later...

This is my good friend, DJ. We go way back. He is a 'DJ,' college student, massage therapist and more! Check links for his site.

This is Anna. We will always be good friends. Check out her web site
 Man and Woman..What a Mystery!

This is my friend, Malinda. A smart cookie!

My buddy, Jose
His site...
More to be added later...this page under construction!

Louisville, KY at dusk..

Due to their location at the Falls of the Ohio, Jeffersonville, Clarksville, New Albany and Louisville form the metropolitan area know as the "Falls Cities." Southern Indiana stretches from the Ohio River (450 feet above sea level) to the "Knobs" of northern Clark and Floyd counties (at 800 feet), with flat lands and rolling, forested hills in between.

This is the 'Pirate's Alley' in New Orleans, LA

Chicago, Illinois...what a city!

Daytona Beach, Florida